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Create an SSS Online Account in 5 Easy Steps

Begin the SSS online Registration today. It is a simple guide that will walk you through the required steps to register in minutes. Do you want to start the SSS Online Registration? With this simple guide, you will be able to have your Registration completed in just two minutes. Prepare to begin Registering for the Philippine Social Security System online.

The Social Security System of the Philippines (SSS) provides an online portal to its members. They can review their SSS contributions in terms of loans, balances on loans, work history, and static information, among other things. It’s a simple method for your SSS accounts and other services.

Create an SSS Online Account

It would be best to give your Mother’s maiden name and SSS work ID number if you employ them for a business. You can find an SSS Employer ID from Human Resources or the previous employer. Select the method you’d like to create your SSS account. You can use your UMID by entering the SSS number or giving the most recent receipt. SSS will then email you an activation link. SSS will then contact you with the Activation code.

You’ll require this Activation link to log into your SSS account to check your SSS Contribution and Payroll History, Loan Balances, etc. Once you’ve Activated the SSS account, you can use it anytime and anywhere. You can save and print SSS details like your SSS monthly contributions and loan balances, your work history, and much more. Additionally, you will reduce time and energy spending by not wasting time going to the SSS division. It is why SSS members need to create an online account for their SSS accounts.

Create the necessary documents to be used for the SSS Online register.

Before beginning your Registration, ensure that you have all the required proof. That includes the SSS number, ID with photo, email address, and contact details. If you don’t have an SSS number, locate your ID copy of your birth certificate and two legal IDs with no photographs. All of these are required to verify your Registration. Go to the SSS website and then click Register.

To begin your Registration, visit your SSS Homepage. On the left side of the homepage, select “Register for an Online Account.” Review the page, then hit “Next” to proceed with the Registration procedure. Fill in the SSS Number in the appropriate field and right in the format shown on the Membership Data Record or other valid ID. Enter your email address as well as contact details. Hit submit once all the particulars are entered correctly.

Complete the form online with your personal information and then submit it.

After that, fill out your online form containing your details. It should include your name, date of birth, and address. After doing all the required fields, check the correct data before giving in the form. After passing in the state, you will receive an email proof with directions for Activating your account. It would be best to wait until your username is sent to you. Click the link to verify it.

After completing the form, you will receive an email proof containing Your User ID. Follow the link within the email confirmation to enable your account. You’ll then be able to begin with Your SSS online account. Log in using your Username and Password anytime to view any loan information, access contributions, and more!

Log in to your SSS Online account with your login details to access its benefits.

After Activating your account, you can log in with your Username and Password. After that, you can access the many services offered through the SSS online portal, including loan information, contributions records, and many other things! Ensure you always keep your Username and Password secure to protect your account.

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