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Full time @Mahad Manpower in Facilities Management Email Job

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  • Job ID 17646
  • Offered Salary 4000
  • Career Level Executive
  • Experience 5 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Food Beverage
  • Qualifications Diploma
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Job Description

Requirements for Jobs Qatar

If you’re searching for an educational Jobs Qatar. a construction job, or a housekeeping role, You’ll find the details you’re looking for, Mahadjobs. For everything from working visas and health checks, here are some suggestions to help you make the transition smooth. Don’t forget to take care of private insurance for health! You won’t be able to find work for free! The good news is that jobs in Qatar are abundant. Knowing where to search for these is a necessary housekeeping requirement in Qatar.

Suppose you’re seeking an employment opportunity in the hospitality industry and are looking for the proper requirements for a housekeeping position in Qatar. The place offers a top 5-star hotel located in Qatar. You may be eligible to be a Housekeeping Attendant if you meet the needs. The position entails the management of the day-to-day operations of the Housekeeping Department, Recreation and Health Club, and Laundry.

The minimum requirements for positions in housekeeping are a diploma from a secondary school or up to three years of training at a hotel. However, candidates from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka will also accept. If you do not have relevant experience, you can solicit assistance from a recruiting agency. B2C Solutions offers housekeeping consultation services and will help you locate a job in Qatar. B2C Solutions specializes in finding skilled housekeepers in different locations, including moving commercial and residential homes and cleaning for special events.

The requirements for teaching Jobs Qatar

The applicants must be in native English to consider for teaching positions in Qatar. It is necessary to show the ability to speak fluently in English. In addition to being native English speakers, teachers from Qatar are required to have TEFL certification and can earn it by studying in a classroom or through online classes. They should also possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Salary is contingent upon the experience and qualifications of the candidate.

Teaching jobs within Qatar require a master’s degree in a specialization-related subject. As a teacher, you must navigate the country’s conservative Islamic culture, the public display of gestures, drinking, and the dress code. Construction Requirements in Qatar

It is possible to pursue the possibility of a construction job in Qatar if you have the required qualifications. Qatar is known for its infrastructure projects, and the demand for skilled workers is a significant concern. A college degree in building or construction materials can benefit you, and you must have prior experience in this field. Experience is essential, but it’s not the only factor. If you’re an experienced carpenter or just starting one, you must be familiar with the local architecture and culture.

Construction managers’ primary responsibility is coordinating all parties involved and ensuring a seamless flow of communications.

Qualifications for Jobs Qatar in the medical field.

There are a few primary conditions for pursuing a doctorate job in Qatar. Applicant must be proficient in English and fluent in a second language. The applicants must also possess a solid understanding of Arabic because of the language in health facilities in Qatar. Medical professionals fluent in English must also know that a working week in Qatar typically runs from Sunday until Thursday. The weekend is to enjoy recreational activities.

Physiotherapists should have a valid primary license issued by their country of birth or be eligible for one from the government of Qatar. Candidates must hold an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy or an equivalent discipline. Candidates with prior experience in community service cannot apply. However, be proficient in the coding process, pre-approval of submissions, EDI submission, and handling rejection. People who want to work as physiotherapists must be ready to work in a simulation hospital setting.

Requirements for a Franchise Jobs Qatar.

  n the end, acquiring a local franchisee’s assistance is vital for a franchise’s success in Qatar. Commercial Code contains laws that affect franchise agreements, including franchise agreements. It includes that of Commercial Agency. Other rules about franchises include intellectual property, labour, and Company regulations. Brand protection is paramount, and many franchisors will permit Franchisees the right to trademark their brand before signing a franchise agreement. However, this comes with the risk of high. 

Jobs Qatar


Sr  POSITIONS REQUIRED No of Requirements Basic Supp Total Nationality to Target
1 Asst. Cook 20 1000 200 1200 Nepal
2 Asst. Kitchen Storekeeper 1 1200 3000 4200 India
3 Asst. Storekeeper 1 1200 300 1500 India
4 Butcher 3 1500 300 1800 India
5 Cashier 2 2000 500 2500 India
6 Catering Supervisor 12 2000 500 2500 India
7 CCC Admin 2 2000 500 2500 India
8 CCC Coordinator 2 2000 1000 3000 India
9 Cleaner 20 1000 0 1000 Kenya and Uganda
10 Cold Room Technicians 4 2500 500 3000 India
11 Commis Chef for Stadium 4 1000 200 1200 India
12 Continental Chef 1 2000 500 2500 India
13 Continental Cooks 4 1500 300 1800 India
14 Cook (Counter and Regeneration) 42 1100 200 1300 India
15 Dietician 1 4000 2000 6000 India
16 Dispatch In-charge 1 2000 1000 3000 India
17 Drivers 35 1500 400 1900 Nepal
18 Equipment Technician 4 2500 500 3000 India
19 Executive Chef 1 7500 2500 10000 India


Garde Manger






21 Garde Manger-CDP 2 1500 1000 2500 India
22 Head Butcher 2 1500 1000 2500 India
23 Head Chef 2 3000 1000 4000 India
24 Head Waiter 25 1500 500 2000 India
25 HVAC Technician 2 2500 1000 3500 India
26 Kitchen Admin 2 1500 1000 2500 India
27 Kitchen Storekeeper 1 2000 500 2500 India
28 Kitchen Technician 2 2500 500 3000 India
29 Operations Admin- Office 2 2000 500 2500 India
30 Cook 4 1500 500 2000 India
31 Pastry Chef 1 2000 1000 3000 India
32 Pastry Man 5 2000 500 2500 India
33 QHSE Officer 9 4000 2000 6000 India
34 Sous Chef for Stadium 1 2500 1000 3500 India
35 Storekeeper 2 2000 500 2500 India
36 Team Leader ( Packing) 2 1500 1000 2500 India
37 Waiter 175 1000 200 1200 Nepal
38 Servers / Parcel Assemblers


1000 200 1200 Nepal
39 Waitress 35 1000 200 1200 Nepal


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Required skills

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