MOI Qatar ID Check

MOI Qatar ID Check

The MOI Qatar ID checks in Qatar. MOI ID Check Qatar that every person issued a Residence Permit is issued a Qatar ID as part of the operation process. It is essential to ensure it’s valid and not expired. It is necessary to check its validity regularly. The cards are printed by intelligent plastic print the holder, and more detailed information on the introduction.

This companion will help you in a simple 6- step process of checking your Qatar ID status online Moi id check Let’s launch.

Step by Step to Check your MOI Qatar ID Status Online. Go now.

1 Go to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website in Qatar

Visit the Ministry of Interior-sanctioned website by clicking then.

2 Click on the MOI Services Qatar

On the top menu, click on MOI Services. You’ll find it comes to the home menu.

MOI Qatar ID checking
MOI Qatar ID checking

3 Click on the ‘Inquiries’ section

Once you click on the MOI services menu, click on the Inquiries section.

ID Inquiries section
ID Inquiries section

4 Click on the Other Inquiries

You’ll find a menu on the runner’s left side with different options. Click on the other inquiries section.

Other Inquiries
Other Inquiries

5 Click on the Official documents button.

You’ll find four additional buttons on the runner. Click on the Official document button.

Official Documents
Official Documents

6 Fit your QID Number or Passport Number

Eventually, you can search for your details by fitting your QID or Passport Number. Once you click the hunt button, the system will give you your ID Card Expiry Date, passport expiration date, and residency expiration date.

Qatar ID Number (21234567890)

Document Type Date of Expiry
ID Card Expiry Date 2023-08-22
E-Gate Card Expiry Date 2019-04-20
Passport Expiry Date 2032-02-26
Residency Expiry Date 2023-08-22
Driving Licence Expiry Date (PRIVATE-Car ) 2025-12-21

Doha Ministry of Interior has extended the grace period to allow the legalization of an expatriate’s status if they have violated the rules in Law No. 21 of 2015 that regulate the entry and departure of expatriates and their residency up to April 30th, 2022.

MOI Qatar ID Check

In an announcement, the Ministry declared that all expatriates who have violated the law must submit their settlement applications to the Search and Follow-up Department. The people who break the law and wish to change employers to another must make their application to the Search and Follow-up Department or one of the centers for services located in Umm Salal, Al Rayyan, Mesaimeer, Al Wakra, or Umm Senaim.

Other settlement applications to obtain and renew residence permits for the current employer must submit to any of the centers for services located in Al Shamal, Al Khor, Al Daayen, Umm Salal, The Pearl, Onaiza, Souq Waqif, Al Rayyan, UmmSenaim, Al Shahaniya, Mesaimeer, Al Wakra, and Dukhan.

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