Kuwait Civil Id Status

Kuwait Civil Id Status online

Paci Kuwait civil id status check, you need an identification card for the state of Kuwait to live in Kuwait; it is essential for people visiting Kuwait to visit and earn income. An identity card is an identity card issued by the Kuwaiti government. Allows people living in Kuwait to check their civil id information.

Verifying your civil ID differs from verifying your civil ID on the PACI website. We will provide you with the procedures for checking personal status and details of the online system used on this website. The method we will discuss is verifying civil status by voice call. If this method does not process you or causes problems, you can use the service through this method.   

 If your ID card is valid, enter the message on your screen that you have a valid visa. This simple method is one of the easiest and best ways to check your ID card. In today’s article, our primary focus will explain how civil status uses in Kuwait. The marital status has the exact details you find in this article.

Paci Kuwait civil id status check

If you want to go and work in Kuwait, you need a civilian identification card, which is the most basic and essential thing in Kuwait. Let’s start with the whole process of this issue. An official resident of Kuwait means that people are official residents of Kuwait and belong to the country. The type of person who can verify civil status in the guidelines at the beginning of this article.

After the selection, we will explain the identity card renewal of civil id information based on a few steps. They are organizational workers, employees, and these organizations; they are drivers working in Kuwait. Mobile ID data can be renewed and updated by clicking the “Check for Update” button on the “Manage” screen of the app.

You can Paci Kuwait civil id status civilian information via the Kuwaiti Government’s online portal, the official PACI website, or the telephone hotline. Kuwait has stringent rules to follow if you are not a citizen of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti Ministry of the Interior controls and adds a name to the MOI ID. Saudi Arabia’s ex-pats get an Iqama, but in Kuwait, they call it Bataka or MOI, a civilian ID in Kuwait.

What is a Civil ID?

Ministry of Interior Kuwait controls all this, adding the name of MOI with the ID. MOI has introduced equivalent eServices to see MOI civil id Status checks in Kuwait and other information like ID expiry or validity.

At every checkpoint, they typically ask you to point out your Bataka & if you bought any traffic violation, you’d see a fine against it. Always keep it in your pocket. Alternatively, you’ll be in trouble if some authority asks for it. You’ll also make a checking account, buy a vehicle, and admit kids to high school here in Kuwait.

It is just a card with all the related information of a private holder. This ID helps make bank transitions that allow sending a refund home by an ex-pat. In GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, this ID card features a different name like Iqama and Bataka, Civil ID. But overall, it represents equivalent purposes altogether in these countries.

This article will cover the many aspects of the 12-digit Civil ID and the way to urge help from the Ministry of Interior – MOI Kuwait.

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Check MOI Kuwait Civil ID

Online hassle-free check is available at the MOI web portal to facilitate ex-pats living in Kuwait. Just follow the below easy steps;

1: confirm to follow the Link for MOI Kuwait. https://e.gov.kw/sites/kgoenglish/Pages/eServices/PACI/CivilIDStatus.aspx

2: otherwise, you can follow this path to urge this position just if the direct link isn’t working in any case, that’s Kuwait Government Online > Citizens and Residents > Personal and Family > Inquiring about Civil ID.

3: Now, you’ll see the window just like the below picture

Kuwait Civil Id Status
Kuwait Civil Id Status

4: Enter your 12-digit Civil ID number and press the Query button.

5: you’ll see the Civil ID status below.

6: See your Civil ID status if it shows you the special status and recommendation. For instance, Your ID isn’t renewed and is taken into account canceled, Or the procedures for renewing your ID card aren’t yet complete. Check after ten days if you’ve got already applied for renewal. It’ll also show that your card is valid if it’s valid. Like below;

Our records show you hold a legitimate Civil ID card and no outstanding renewal request.
Note: you’ll also check these just by a voice query system at phone number 1889988


The Applicants should visit the general public Authority of Civil Information – PACI Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, ground floor, and Reception Hall to receive the new card. The renewal fee is 5 KD for smart cards and a couple of KD for domestic staff. The plastic card is for trained staff; therefore, the open-end credit is for others.

There are two methods to renew the Civil ID Iqama. One is thru phone calls & the opposite is thru the PACI site. I will be able to inform you both step by step;

Civil id status checking in Kuwait

VOICE turn 1889988
1: Dial 1889988

2: Choose a well-liked language like English by Press 2 or Arabic by Press 1, as instructed

3: Follow the operator and choose Civil ID renewal – Choose service No. 1 from the voice list.

4: Now, enter the 12 digits civil ID number

5: Now, your request is going to be submitted.

6: Take the old Iqama and attend PACI headquarters, Zahra, and Checker’s Building.

7: Pay the fee of 5 KD and collect the new Civil ID. The price for Domestic workers is 2 KD.

Note: confirm to urge your renewed Iqama as soon as possible otherwise, there’s a penalty of 5 KD for late collection.


Once Kuwait’s civil ID validity is almost expiring, you want to apply for a renewal. This process is straightforward, and I will explain the easy steps;

1: Attend the web portal here PACI for ID Renewal.

2: Now, you’ll see the windows below where you would like to fill in your ID number, as I even have did

3: you’ll see the fee here for 2 Kuwaiti dinars because the price for Domestic staff (Plastic Card) and 5 KD (Smart Card) are for the remainder. Check your and pay.

4: you’ll pay them online through the bank or offline at PACI headquarters once you collect the new ID.

5: Now attend the general public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, ground floor, Reception Hall to urge the renewed card as soon as possible. Confirm to require your old card with you to submit there.

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