Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me. As adolescents, employees are often a source of income. Jobs near me that hire at 14 assist you in gaining more independence and knowledge. You’ll likely learn valuable professional skills to create a foundation for your career in your first job. Several Jobs near me that hire at 14 during a sort of industry. This article lists several teenage jobs and helpful information about employment for teenagers so you’ll find the position that most accurately fits your interests.

How many jobs are hired at 14 Near Me and allowed to work?

Depending on where you reside, there could also be laws and limitations for the labour you’ll perform and the number of hours you’ll work per week. For instance, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the following restrictions for 14 and 15-year-olds within the US:

You cannot work on any hazardous job, like mining or logging, or any position that requires working with explosives. Also, I used power saws, worked on ladders, stored things, and performed other related jobs.

You can work three hours per day on a faculty day and up to eight hours on a non-school day. However, there are exceptions to the number of hours you can figure under exceptional circumstances, like participating in a state-sponsored education.

You can work out 18 hours during a school week and up to 10 hours during a non-school day. You can only work between the hours of seven a.m. and 7 p.m. (except from June 1 through Labor Day, once you can work from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

What kind of Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Teenagers can add multiple industries, including retail and food service. Also, some roles that do excellent jobs near me hire at 14.

In-person opportunities:

Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me1
Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me1

1. Barista Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Job duties: Coffee shops typically hire baristas to organize and serve beverages (such as coffee and tea). Answer questions and help customers choose menu items. Check customers out using a register or other point-of-sale technology. Also, help keep work, equipment, and customer areas clean and sanitized.

2. Busser

Jobs near me that hire at 14: Bussers work in kitchens and do things like clean the dishes. Take the cups off the tables, clean the places where people sit, and fill up the non-alcoholic drinks. Help bring food to the tables as well.

3. Caddy Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Golf courses and country clubs often hire Caddies to help golfers carry their bags. Also, clean their golf balls, rake sand traps, hold flags, and tell them which club to use.

4. Camp counsellor

Job duties: Camp counsellors help run games, hikes, sing-alongs, and other camp events. They also learn the basics of being a counsellor, which prepares them for a senior counsellor job when they’re old enough. Jobs near me that hire at 14.

5. Cashier Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Job duties: Retail stores and fast-food restaurants typically employ cashiers to receive cash, MasterCard, check payments, issue receipts and refunds, count money and keep the cash drawer balanced throughout their shifts.

6. Dog walker

Dog trainers could be self-employed or work for a small business that cares about dogs. Some dog walkers take out one dog at a time, while others may take out more than one dog. The length of each walk varies depending on the type of dog and, by extension, what the client wants.

7. Dishwasher

Job duties: Dishwashers work in restaurants, clean dishes and cookware, and place clean dishes within the serving stations. They’ll also set tables and perform table bussing duties, counting on the restaurant.

8. Grocery Bagger Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Job duties: Grocery baggers assist customers by quickly organizing purchased groceries into bags. Also, I helped carry bags to customers’ vehicles jobs near me that hire at 14.

9. Host/hostess

Job duties: Restaurant hostesses and hosts are liable for greeting patrons, leading them to open tables, and presenting menus. Also, informing them of specials. They’re also responsible for balancing restaurant sections to stop overloading servers.

10. frozen dessert scooper

Job duties: frozen dessert scoopers greet firm dessert shop customers, offer menu suggestions, answer customer questions, provide samples, scoop and serve frozen dessert products, collect customer payments and maintain frozen dessert inventory.

11. Lifeguard Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Job duties: Lifeguards are employed by public and personal pools and are liable for surveying visitors, ensuring everyone adheres to safety rules, and, in an emergency, providing immediate care (such as CPR) until medical services arrive.

12. Referee Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Job duties: Referees monitor and enforce the principles of sporting events like basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and football. Their responsibilities usually include starting or stopping the sport whenever necessary and resolving infractions of game standards.

13. Theater usher

Job duties: Ushers are liable for walking theatres before, during, and after shows to make sure customers are following theatre rules, cleaning auditoriums and lobbies, and helping handle customer questions and concerns.

14. Tutor Jobs That Hire at 14 Near Me

Job duties: A tutor’s role is to enhance students’ learning outside the regular classroom. A teacher will dedicate one-on-one time to figuring out with students who may need extra attention to achieve their education. Typically, a teacher will help students specialize in one subject, like math or history.

Whether they want to save lots for a car, put away money for school, or learn the worth of a hard-earned dollar, they’ll be ready to apply for employment with companies known to rent teenagers as young as fourteen! Jobs Near Me Hiring Now.

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