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Job Detail

  • Job ID 17639
  • Offered Salary 20001
  • Career Level Manager
  • Experience 7 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor
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Job Description

Catering Project Manager Job

Project Manager Job The primary function of this position is to oversee. Plan the Management of Catering Services at multiple locations, during and after events in various places before, during, and after FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup. The position is accountable for the project’s detailed planning and the contract’s administration. Execution and mobilization of operations and removal of catering services to contractors. Employees and volunteers on official and non-official locations.

Key Accountabilities and Performance Metrics

  • Control the day-to-day operation of the catering services during the FIFA World Cup 2022, both before and following the tournament. Ensure that the agreed-upon standards are maintained. Criteria of service and the contract specifications provide the benefits.
  • Plan to ensure that the company adheres to the required guidelines and policies. Retaining entry into the facility includes the approval of employees and vehicle permits. MDR 6, etc.
  • Collaborate closely with Catering Project Team (CAT) in the planning phase to ensure the infrastructure is ready for the catering facilities at the Venue to provide appropriate service at the necessary level.
  • The bump-in/bump-out leader ensures that the timetable and the requirements clear all equipment and areas.
  • Responsible for managing and distributing goods to various locations before, during, and following the event.
  • Create a plan with documents to guarantee the most high-quality security standards while adhering to HACCP 3 and Qatar laws while cooking food items and food production across all areas.

Planning and Operations Management Project Manager Job

  • Help complete requirements for food items and beverages menu concepts and complete the task for each product category.
  • Control the operations team, making sure that the team is entire. FOH and BOH intend to focus on infrastructure, including equipment, utilities, and infrastructure, allowing fully operational catering facilities to be provided and used.
  • Create and implement the general operating guidelines for your business and ensure they adhere to them. Comply with the contract-confirmed standards of service.
  • Escalate problems to CAT that are not dealt with at the Venue or may significantly impact others, including various departments or external stakeholders that are part of the event.
  • Design and create all the necessary operational phase collateral, such as the daily running sheets and Delivery schedules, operating plans (incl the staffing), policies, and procedures for each Venue and each working team, i.e., Venue Managers, Back of House staff, floor supervisors/employees.
  • Ensure that all stock on-premises are maintained and rotated frequently to minimise waste.
  • Incorporating the standards established at Q2022, Host City Operations, and the CAT

Personnel Management

  • Manage the selection and identification of talent to ensure that selected people are suitable for the particular Venue’s hiring procedure. Identify and resolve the possibilities to comply with the FIFA Worker Welfare directive.
  • Develop and execute the concept and implementation of the specific training program created for employees who are new to the company. Make sure that the program. Check that employees have appropriately trained before arrival at their designated locations.
  • Monitor the guidelines, review the policy and finally instruct the venue participants to ensure. They can fulfil their responsibilities as an integral part of the overall strategy. Furthermore, they need to be aware of the importance of their job as an essential component of the comprehensive plan and know the tournament’s goals.
  • Line management is the responsibility of catering businesses generally. It also includes but isn’t the only thing to be assigned to work schedules and Rotas to ensure the quality of the work completed and the ongoing assistance.
  • You are accountable for the timely submission of Timeline Deliverables. Timeline Deliverables: This is the specified work scope and includes in the Scope of Works.


Learn the essential milestones, deadlines, and other items in this program. Ensure that you monitor the progress and that timelines follow the work you’ve given and workstreams.

  • Ensure you’ve completed all risk assessments, food safety tests, and inspections for allergen management.
  • Participate in company-related meetings as a representative and the Catering Service Suppliers. FIFA World CupTM participants and other partners or clients.
  • Verify that the catering service provider adheres to all applicable local and national laws and international laws regarding Health Safety, Food Safety, and Hygiene standards and regulations within the catering business.
  • Send periodic updates to General Manager and the client on various ongoing projects’ daily developments and activities. Create and save monthly or weekly work progress reports on what management and external stakeholders require.
  • Monitor the budget and expenses of the company. Check the funds to fund the undertaking. Management is up-to-date and keeps track of both internal and external stakeholders. They have managed the expenditure within budget. Develop a process to control data collection, information, and other material needed for post-tournament audits.
  • Staff management reports tasks, ensuring that the functions are out according to the standards laid in job descriptions.

Health and Safety Project Manager Job

  • Follow the health and safety standards of the business while also protecting your safety and security in various workplaces, which differ for every employee.
  • Ensure you know and comply with the Event’s Health and Safety rules. The organizers are available at all times.
  • Recognize and immediately inform of any workplace accidents, incidents, or dangers.
  • Utilize the recommended personal protective equipment by the directions provided by the business.
  • Ensures that all allegations of discrimination, harassment, unacceptable behaviour, or violation of employment contracts are reviewed and communicated to the company’s HR department to investigate additional actions.
  • Join local events for health and safety meetings, audits, and other events.

Skills Required

  • Excellent leadership abilities and the ability to connect with others, excellent organization skills, and an organized approach
  • We must be capable of meeting deadlines effectively and have strong oral and written skills for communication.
  • Personal appearance and hygiene that meet the most stringent standards. Hygiene and sanitation and appearance.
  • An operationally solid background in Catering
  • Team player who can create positive work environments.
  • Ability to identify and solve issues, ability to function well when under stress
  • Flexible as the task might require on-call hours.
  • Working knowledge of equipment and supplies used in the supply chain and services that control stock and order
  • The ability to prepare food items and HACCP 3 . Hygiene standards
  • Computer-literate expert in Windows-based software.

Experience Required Project Manager Job

  • Minimum of ten years of experience working with Food and Beverage and catering management
  • With at least five years’ experience in managing catering services for InternationalMega Events
  • Experience in managing Catering in a massive stadium or sports arena and contemporary places for Hospitality.
  • With expertise and experience in front and back-of-house operations, we provide high-end customer experiences in the hospitality business.
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Required skills

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