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Deccan Chronicle Newspaper in Hyderabad Jobs

DC Newspaper Hyderabad Jobs, veteran journalist Aditya Sinha has the editor of the southern-based Deccan Chronicle. The Hyderabad-based conglomerate is one of the two major media companies Twenty Lake Holdings owns in Bangalore. Do a great favour on the planet. Twenty Lake Holdings did not follow its rules and regulations until July 9, 2019. Jayanthi worked for a weekly publication in Mumbai. After Ram Reddy left Akbar, he took over the paper’s management in 1990 and continued to run it until his retirement in 2000, when he took over as editor.

Aditya Sinha started as a crime reporter in Delhi and worked for The Times of India, Pioneer, and Hindustan Times. After joining the New Indian Express in 2010, he led the HT’s one-week final section for two years. Sriram Karry joined the media operation in 2011, splitting his time between New Delhi and Hyderabad. If I can travel again, a person would have to settle in one of the two cities and regularly spend time in Ajit newspaper.

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Hyderabad Jobs

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DC Classifieds Hyderabad Jobs

You only have to follow a few steps on the screen to see the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper ad. This ad is a three or four-line advertisement published under the head of the CC’s Chronicle. These are giant advertisements in front of your name, address, and phone number at the page’s top right  Dc Newspaper Hyderabad Jobs dc classifieds Hyderabad jobs. Deccan Chronicle classifieds jobs.

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Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad Jobs

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DC News Paper Hyderabad Jobs

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