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Full time @Mahad Manpower Agency in Qatar in Jobs For Oil and Gas
  • 2nd Floor, Building No.50, Street 185, zone 55 al Aziziya, 93966 View on Map
  • Post Date : February 17, 2023
  • Salary: $5,000.00 - $10,000.00 / Monthly
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  • Job ID 25479
  • Offered Salary 5984
  • Career Level Officer
  • Experience 6 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Oil Gas
  • Qualifications Diploma
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Job Description

Suppose you’re seeking the highest-paying Jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The position that will allow you to achieve your career goals. There are many different choices. The most rewarding jobs in Riyadh pay well, have great perks, and offer a lot of chances to move up. This is one reason why many people from other countries move to this country.

Petroleum, also called oil, is a natural energy source that people have used for hundreds of years. It has been important since the beginning of the Industrial Age, and it still is. It is the most critical energy source in the world, providing more than half of it.

Jobs in Riyadh Petroleum Industry.

However, the country is trying to diversify its economic base away from oil and into other sectors. Some of these are power, petrochemicals, and water. Exploration and growth, which means looking for new oil fields, are two of Riyadh’s most important parts of the oil business. Saudi Arabia has recently found several large oil fields. They are both in the water and on land.

Jobs in Riyadh: The fields make crude oil, natural gas, and condensate. These are cleaned up in Saudi Arabia’s plants and sent to markets worldwide. The Saudi government has been trying for a long time to get a more significant part of the money Saudi Arabia makes from oil.

To reach this goal, the government has devised several ways to grow. It has a wide range of energy sources, such as green energy sources and making energy use more efficient. The government is also putting money into other types of power, like solar energy. Upstream projects include looking for and making crude oil, natural gas, and condensate NGL. The size and scope of these projects are likely to keep growing.

Jobs in Riyadh Healthcare Industry.

The healthcare industry in Riyadh has dramatically changed in the last few years. The Saudi government has been trying to improve its services in the past few years. At the same time, it keeps prices down and makes sure that everyone has access. These attempts have led to several reforms that have changed the way healthcare is given in Saudi Arabia in a big way.

Jobs in Riyadh People think that the Saudi health system is made up of different parts. Its Ministry of Health (MOH) oversees the country’s medical services.

Clinics and hospitals provide many services, from primary care to tertiary treatment. The MOH wants to increase the number of medical centres that are known around the world. Make preventive services, like advice on what to eat or screening tests, more accessible.

But recently, the government started looking into selling some of the hospitals it owns to private companies. In the Kingdom, many private businesses, like pharmacies and dental offices, offer medical services. These businesses must follow the MOH rules and get a licence from the SFDA.

Jobs in Riyadh

The government is making sure that all citizens and foreigners have health protection. This will cut down on the cost of medical care and let people choose their doctors. The Ministry of Health is also working on making an online hospital. It will use the latest medical technology and be connected to more than 130 hospitals in the Kingdom.

Patients can talk to their doctors from the comfort of their own homes. This saves them time and energy and eliminates the need to get to and from the doctor’s office. It is also helpful for people with significant illnesses who need to be seen quickly and correctly.

In Vision 2030, the Saudi government has laid out a big plan for the next part of the healthcare sector. In this plan, the government has prioritised local output and technology transfer, regional clinical trial trials, and training for the workforce. The government also wants to help pay for speciality offices and walk-in health centres.

Riyadh’s building market is growing, thanks to government projects like the NEOM City mega-project. This is because of the country’s Vision 2030 plan, which will make its economy more diverse and turn Saudi Arabia into a more modern country. The demand for business and residential property and the government’s focus on housing are helping the industry grow.

Jobs in Riyadh Construction Industry

A small number of big names controls a big part of the market. It includes companies like JGC Corporation, SNC-Lavalin, Fluor Corp., and Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. To keep up with the rising demand, the government is encouraging the development of renewable energy sources, putting more money into infrastructure, and making more affordable housing available.

The Saudi government is also pushing local construction companies to improve their work. This will help them compete with companies from other countries and, in the end, grow their businesses. This is because more money is being spent on building businesses and homes, and the leisure industry in the Kingdom is growing.

However, it is essential to know that the construction business in Riyadh is affected by several problems. Because of this, it’s hard for building companies from outside the country to find and keep skilled workers there. Because of this, there aren’t enough people in the Kingdom. This slowed the progress of several building projects that were supposed to be done by 2020.

Saudi Arabia’s economy depends heavily on the education field. Its main goal is to ensure the country’s young people get a good education and are ready for a bright future. This means teaching adults to read and write and allowing women and girls to join the job.

Education Industry Jobs in Riyadh

In the past, the Saudi government has not been a big fan of higher education institutions (HEIs) that private companies own. However, the government agrees that this could be a way to increase people’s abilities and improve learning. The Kingdom also has hundreds of women’s colleges and community colleges that are paid for by the government.

Jobs in Riyadh The Institute for Public Administration, which has several locations across the Kingdom, is another critical organisation that should be mentioned. It offers diplomas, associate degrees, and postgraduate diplomas in administration, accounting, law, repair, and computer science.

Jobs in Riyadh’s Saudi government encourage people to get training in non-formal areas to help them get ready for work. English, math, and computer science are taught in public and private schools, as well as Islamic Studies, Arabic, business, and management.

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