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After the bright examination of GPSC, SRP, and LRD candidates, leave various jobs, advertisement employment offers. He has the only query from the Gujarat government. Where is our Naukri?

Lecturers have an interest in seeing applications for positions as asset advisors, limited, and SRP. Successful candidates get a worrying hit on the streets.

He cleared the GPSC exam for lecturers and residency advisors.

After finishing the document analysis and interview at Baronial, he quits his job at an MNC in Noida. One hopes to receive an offer letter for a place as an assistant. His wait continues.

Bhatia et al. who nurtured the dream of accepting government jobs. He was forced to need to the streets disrupting justice. Total GPSC candidates, one SRP, and two LRD candidates secured all the recruitment system rounds.

But had not taken up the job yet, he died at the DTE office in Gandhinagar. Wednesday turned into the fifth day of their protest. The protesting candidates were detained on Wednesday night. Where is our Naukri?

”Therefore, I quit my job. I have actually been domestic for the final months in hopes of getting an appointment letter. I am afraid that my dream may break, ”said Bhatia.

Ending the state notification that allows factories to give workers extra time.

The bench said that the people’s approved rights could be kept aside because coronavirus communication is no longer the nation’s internal emergency security.

In-Sixteen, the relevant government had issued a notice for the recruitment of advisors and assistant consultants in branches and electrical, automated, EC, production, and construction engineering.

Which had vacancies cumulatively. As the policemen who offered jobs did not change in sufficient numbers, the school department reduced vacancies.

As if the delay in sending job offers is no longer enough, the schooling department reduced the vacancies.

According to the circular, the vacancies for submission of lecturers in automatic engineering are reduced from seats. Conversely, for EE, they need been dig lower wards.

When they had already conducted the interview circular.

What changed in the desire to rationalize the workforce? The government is alive to save those who are doing ad hoc groundwork.

As I used to be assigned a GPSC account, I didn’t proceed with my job as a teacher. Where is our Naukri?

I am still ready to get a job, Ripple Patel said. He was later to join the faculty. In the maternity stage, her motherhood goes away. But the school did not allow him to start work.

Devaraj Jala got a lift from NIT, Karnataka. He was offered employment with a Rs 1 lakh package once a year. Presented from several tutorial institutes for higher stories.

I wanted to undertake an executive job and thus declined these offers. Zala said, but even after a month, I even have a lecturer’s job within the polytechnic. However, recruitment systems for laptop engineering and IT engineering were achieved, he said.

The government is trying to make purchases for those working on an Adhoc basis. As soon as I passed the GPSC account, I did not continue my job as an instructor in a non-public college. Still, I am ready to get a job.

When contacted, School Education Commissioner GT Pandya said that the counting in the courtroom was continuing. “The system of recruitment continues,” he said. An increase in LRD male candidates’ seats was against LR male candidates, increasing male candidates’ seats.

Seat reserved for women. Sagar Bagul, one of the few LRD candidates who took admission in accounting and physical examination and is one of them, talked about, “Previously, the government had places to apply here is our Naukri?

Later, girls from reserved and non-reserved categories protested; This increased seats for him.

There is an abuse of reservation reform within the charter, which allows for% for women. Twenty-six% of women now hold, while men only accept twenty-four%. We appeal that the government increases the seats of LRD macho candidates to ensure that girls are%. Where is our Naukri?

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