Iqama Status Check

Iqama Status Check in Saudi Arabia Guide

Iqama Status Check: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s KSA. Also, check Iqama status permits foreign nationals to live and work in Saudi Arabia. Also, it shores through the Iqama permit. It is often a national residence and Employment permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior. Also, to solicit Iqama, a person needs a sponsor within the state. Usually, the employer applies on behalf of the worker within 90 days of coming to the KSA.

Iqama Status Check: An Iqama is necessary, as proof of residence employment is mandatory to open bank accounts. Also, get a house to rent and register for utilities. It always takes 1-3 weeks to urge an Iqama approval from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

How to Iqama Status Check Online?

Iqama Status Check
Iqama Status Check

1. Finding Your Iqama Number.

Iqama Status Check: A 10-digit numeric combination will be on the Iqama card. Also, It will be at the bottom rock centre of the front page or below your picture. Also, checking your Iqama status online at the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia website is easy with this number.

2. Iqama Status Check.

You can verify your Iqama status online by following these easy steps: Iqama Status Check.

1. Attend the official website of the KSA Ministry of Interior
2. Change the language to English if you can’t read Arabic
3. Attend the “Passports” section from the menu tabs
4. Click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service” within the dropdown list
5. Choose Integrated e-services for people
6. Create your login credentials, then enter your username, password, and numeric Iqama number to log in.
7. You will be asked to submit a 4-digit verification code, which you will get on your registered mobile number.
8. Click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service.”
9. Enter your Iqama number and the randomly generated code. Click on “View.”
10. Your Iqama validity status is going to be shown.

3. Check Iqama status validity.

You will see whether your Iqama status check is valid or expired through the colour on the dates mentioned. Red means your Iqama is no longer valid. An expired Iqama may be a grave concern and attract hefty fines. The employer must renew your Iqama a few days before its passage. Anyone caught working without a valid Iqama can be prosecuted.

4. Different methods to urge an Iqama

Some people also apply for Iqama through a study visa or student visa. An Iqama holder can act as a sponsor for their relatives to acquire Iqama. Also, there are various ways to urge an Iqama in Saudi Arabia. The primary one is through your employer. These are “Iqama for Dependents” and can’t add Saudi Arabia.

How do I check my Iqama status outside of KSA?

Through the Iqama number, visa number, or passport number, it’s possible to see the status anywhere outside KSA. After logging into the Ministry of Interior website, you will follow the standard steps. Then, within the Passport section, click on Query Iqama Expiry Service. Also, you will be redirected to the Absher portal, where you must click Unified e-Services for People.

Iqama Status Check: However, suppose you’re an Iqama holder and have exited Saudi Arabia with plans to re-enter. In that case, your employer must obtain an exit and entry permit from the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

Transferable Iqama FAQs? Iqama Status Check.

1. Can Iqamas be transferred? Check Iqama Status.

If you modify your job, this employer often transfers Iqamas to a different employer. Also, it provides a competitive advantage. Also, most employers prefer candidates with transferable companies to apply for Saudi Arabian work visas. The mobile status depends on the employer. Also, employers can send the employee back to your country after employment if required.

2. What is the way to transfer Iqama company to KSA Online?

The employer will first create an invitation to transfer the company through the company’s account. This request must be made to the Ministry of Labour (MLSD). During your notice, your employer will send an application and a copy of your valid Iqama.

Your new employer must accept this request for company transfer, filed within the MLSD system. Also, if they catch on, your Iqama will transfer to a replacement sponsor. It is worth knowing that an employee can request a company transfer without the employer’s knowledge under certain conditions Iqama Status Check.

  • If the sponsor belongs to the “Red” Nitaqat category,
  • The sponsoring company doesn’t provide an Iqama within three months of the employee’s arrival within the KSA.
  • Also, if the worker has not been paid a salary for over three months under the Wage Protection System,
  • The Iqama has expired for quite a month.
  • If the worker reports a billboard cover-up in their organization,
  • If the employer was not present when the worker filed the lawsuit,
  • The court approves the worker for the transfer of the company.

Suppose you have not been paid a salary for long or have to travel to court to settle matters. Also, you will transfer your Iqama company from the Ministry of Labor website by creating an account.

3. What do you do to check the Iqama status transfer?

Company transfer occurs in two phases: within the Labour Office Check Iqama Status.

  • The first step is to see the Iqama transfer status on the Ministry of Labor site. Also, through the Labour Office Service inquiry. Click “Transfer the Expatriate Worker Service” within the dropdown list of service types. Enter the Iqama number and verification code to see the status.
  • When your new employer accepts the request, it should show your employer’s name in the Absher account. You will need to pay a fee for the transfer of your company.

Iqama Status Check Colour and Nitaqat Information

The Ministry of Labor established the Nitaqat system in 2011. Also, it refers to the pace of Saudiization in an institution or corporation. For ex-pats working within the KSA, Nitaqat’s complexion is critical. Also, it represents the company’s health that employs them. It is often a deciding factor in finding employment within the KSA corporation. Has the ability to renew your Iqama status as soon as possible. The number of fees you have to pay and the ability to transfer your Iqama

The Nitaqat colour of the corporation Checks the Iqama status using the Iqama number. Also, the passport number is on the Ministry of Labor website. After entering one of those three, you will see Iqama’s colour status, company status, and other details. Also, your full name, working paper number, and employment status

Here’s what the colours mean. Check Iqama Status.

Iqama Status Check: The red colour on Nitaqat means.

If your company shows a red Nitaqat colour, it means:

  • You cannot change your profession
  • The issuing of the latest visas prohibited for brand-spreading new ex-pats
  • Your ticket can’t transfer
  • Your Iqama can’t renew
  • Employees can move to green Nitaqat companies
  • Your company cannot accept employees from another company.

Iqama Status Check: The yellow colour on Nitaqat means

If only 7% of the company’s Manpower comprises Saudi citizens, they fall into this category. This means:

  • You can be issued a visa. Only two ex-pats leave the corporate
  • If you complete six years of service, your working papers can’t be renewed
  • No Iqama transfer from other sponsors is permitted
  • Employees can move to green companies
  • You cannot change your profession or transfer your visa.

The green colour on Nitaqat means Check Iqama Status.

Companies with 12% Saudi Manpower fall within the green category. This means:

  • You can apply for a replacement Saudi visa once every two months.
  • Changing the profession is allowed in jobs that don’t rest Saudi workers.
  • Companies get a six-month grace period after the expiration of revenue certificates.
  • You can renew your Iqamas three months before their end.
  • Transfer of companies from other red and yellow category companies is allowed.

Also, the Platinum Colour on Nitaqat means Check Iqama Status.

Companies with over 40% of their Manpower comprising Saudi citizens are categorized as platinum. This means:

  • Companies can hire anyone from any country.
  • Visa processing is more accessible and may be done online.
  • Can change to professions restricted for Saudi workers.
  • Saudi visas and, therefore, the Iqama often transfer efficiently.

How to Renewal Iqama Status Check Online?

  • Go to the official website of the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia
  • Go to the Passports section on the main menu page and click “Iqama Renewal.”
  • Click on Integrated Services for Individuals to be redirected to the Absher portal.
  • Create your login ID and password if you do not have one.
  • Sign in with your login credentials.
  • Enter the 4-digit verification code sent to your registered mobile number and click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service.”
  • Enter your Iqama number and, therefore, the randomly generated code.
  • Click on “View” to ascertain your expiration date.

Red means the Iqama status remains expired.

How to Renew Your Iqama Online?

After this, you’ll ask your company’s HR department to initiate the renewal process online. Also, it takes approximately one day.

If you live in Saudi Arabia or are not a Saudi national but have an Iqama status check. You need proof of vaccination status to enter Saudi Arabia. Also, they must follow the extra-checking rules the Saudi Arabian government has implemented. Let your supporters know. If you have more than one citizenship, the cops will keep your papers. Also, the Saudi government does not recognize dual citizenship.

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, residents and non-Saudi citizens have IQAMA and immunity status. After receiving your COVID-19 vaccination certificate, you must submit immunity on your interview application. Suppose it shows that you have not completed the mandatory hotel quarantine. You do not need to get a PCR test when you get there. Also, a Saudi who returns to Saudi Arabia needs to be protected. Doing your PCR test between the first and seventh days would be best. Also, there are places you can’t go.

Upon arrival, your employer has 90 days to complete the remaining paperwork to receive your IQama. Also, an employee with valid iqamas can sponsor and apply for this for his family members. Also, it is a matter for spouses and children and not tied to the employer or employee.

Iqama Status Check Online.

It is worth mentioning that the service requires entering the foreigner passport registration number. Also, as shown below, for employees who wish to leave or re-enter the KSA. Also, they must obtain an exit and entry permit from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior.

Getting your Iqama Status Check in Saudi Arabia is necessary. Also, it is proof of permission to live and work there. Verification of the expiration date of the Iqama is critical for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Also, this article explains ways to check the Iqama status of a work permit. Also, new iqamas were issued using the border number of the country.

You can check the validity of the Iqama on the Absher site, the Absher app, and the MOL site KSA. For iqama requests, you can also visit the new official website, Follow the steps below to check the Iqama status. Also, the expiration date when using the new way to query Iqama.

You will see a login page where you can enter your Iqama number and user ID. Also, the password for your Absher account is in the image code below. You can use a friend’s account if you have not created your own yet. Also, create an account with Absher and request the iqamas expiration check with a friend. 

Iqama Status Check in KSA.

The Ministry of the Interior has issued you a small, rigid, rectangular card called your IQAMA. Also, enter the IQAMA number and image code into the relevant fields and click the view button. 

It would help to have a residence permit to live in the country. Iqama Status Check: Saudi Language Anyone who wants to work or study in Saudi Arabia must have an Iqama to live there. Also, it is unnecessary to work if they will stay for two months, ten months, or ten years. 

Iqama is a national residence permit or work visa issued by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Also, they are expatriates living and working in Saudi Arabia. Ex-pats must sponsor an employer who applies on behalf of the employee. Other hospitals in the Kingdom wish to hire Indian nurses. Also, register on the e-Migrate portal and use the ministry’s services.

Iqama Status Check: Outstanding Fees and Family Members Upon departure, the premium cost is at the time of release. Also, expatriates with family members must pay for their exit or entry visas. You will need to renew your exit and entry visas.

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