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How to Iqama Check in Saudi Arabia

Iqama Check in Saudi Arabian work permit or ID card that permits work to reside there. Since the Iqama is as essential as your visa and passport documentation, You must double-check everything concerning it as it is a requirement. Saudi officials have slapped those whose Iqama accounts have been shut.

How to Check the Iqama Status?

The Saudi government has held technology that makes it easier to track the Iqama standing online.

This article will walk you through the steps to check the status of the Iqama.

Step by step, you will learn the following.

What is Iqama?

How do I check Iqama Status online?

How do you renew your Iqama on the internet?


Iqama is similar to a work permit issued by the Saudi Arabia government. With the permission granted by Iqama, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Foreigners can live and work within Saudi Arabia and its borders.

The Ministry of Interior issues this national Employment and ID card and a federal work permit

To obtain the Iqama card Requirement, one has to have an employer sponsor in the Kingdom. Who applies on behalf of the employee within 90 days of his presence.

Approval of an Iqama by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labour and Social Development takes 3 to 4 weeks.


You cannot live or work within Saudi Arabia without an Iqama, the identification you use. We will explain the import of Iqama in Saudi Arabia and then display how you can verify its status.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior allows UK Expatriates to verify their Iqama online. Users can now access information from computers and mobiles.

1.) Find your Iqama Number.

The Iqama ID will include a number order. It may be on the page, in the middle or under your picture. You can use your Iqama number to find you standing on the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s website.

2) Checking the Status

These simple steps will enable you to check your Iqama app status.

1. Visit the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s website.

2. Since you cannot understand Arabic, change from Arabic to UK English.

3. In the menu tabs, cross to Passports from the menu tab “Passports” area.

4. In the Dropdown menu, choose “Query Iqama Expiry Service.”

5. Select Individualized E-Services.

6. Create your login credentials. Then, log in with the Username and Password and your Iqama number.

7. You could be asked to provide a verification code. You receive text messages to the registered number on your phone.

8. Choose Query Iqama Expiry Service from the Dropdown menu.

9. View after clicking View after entering your Iqama number Code comes Randomly.

10. It will show the status of the Validity of your Iqama.

3) Verifying the Validity of Your Iqama

You’ll be able to determine if your Iqama’s status is valid or expired by the colour of the dates. Your Iqama will no longer be good if it’s red. An expiring Iqama is a severe issue that could result in significant penalties. Your Iqama must be renewed by the company you work for just a few days before it expires. 


The large company hefty pay charges on behalf of their staff. It could cost as high as SAR 700 (EUR 137) and a fee of SAR 8.400 (EUR 1920) up to SAR 9.600 EUR 2195. One pay in addition to the Iqama cost for the work permit. The median amount paid for health insurance is SAR 500 (EUR 114). the reality, large and medium companies spend an average of SAR 10,000 (EUR 2286) yearly for ex-pat workers.

Once you contact your HR department at work, the renewal process can begin online and be completed within a day. You can visit the Ministry of Interior’s website, search under Passports and look under the “Passports” section for Iqama Renewal.

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